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This will shock you, and make you angry: COVID-19 Scam

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Dr. David Martin, addressing the European Parliament at the International COVID Summit III, made a startling assertion that the COVID-19 pandemic, responsible for millions of deaths worldwide between 2020 and 2023, was a pre-meditated act of domestic terrorism. Speaking before the audience, Dr. Martin presented evidence supporting his claims and highlighted the historical context of the pandemic.

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Dr. Martin, the founding chairman of M Cam Asset Management Company and an American patent-auditing expert, commenced his speech by asserting that COVID-19 was first isolated in 1965, more than 50 years ago. He highlighted that at the time, the virus was recognized as a pathogen with the potential for modification and utilization in various contexts. Dr. Martin underlined that the virus was identified as a potential tool for biological warfare, characterizing it as a “financial heist” and a “financial fraud” in which the scientific community was manipulated. This presentation took place on May 3, 2023, during the European Parliament’s International COVID Summit III held in Brussels.

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